85% almonds harvested in Iran are Mamra (Mamro) Almonds. Mamra Almonds have higher oil content and are a rich source of nutrition in comparison with other types. Mamra Almonds are the most expensive types of Almonds and they are only being harvested in Iran and by a smaller amount in Afghanistan.Most of the orders from thisl almond is from India. Almonds are naturally rich in fiber and protein, thus proving to be a very healthy snack and your friend indeed, when you’re trying to maintain or lose weight Make excellent almond milk,desserts, puddings and trail mixes with these, these are very good for roasting too.
Known to be grown in the lush farms of Iran Mamra almonds are usually identifiable due to their short size and high nutritional profile and contain more oil content than any other almonds type. They are cultivated organically without using any chemicals and pesticides, hence are available
almost in their natural state.

Mamra Almond may help aid blockages in the arteries and serve as fighting against heart diseases. They are generally known for their delectable taste that adds a delicious crunch to a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Color Light Brown
Shape Deeply wrinkled surface, Lorge, Long narrow shape
Flavor 100%*sweet kernel
Chemical Additives GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Origin IRAN
Size      5A      4A         3A           2A            A         Es         Esb

80-85  90-95  100-105  110-115  120-125 130-135 140-145

Shelf Life 12 months from the date of packin
Storage Condition Cool dry clean place (< 10 Deg C ) and RH 60-65%


Bulk: 10kg / 12kg bags،boxes and plastic seel

Net weight: 10kg ,12kg

Gross weight: 10.850 kg, 12,850 kg (per box weight: 800gr to 850gr)

Retail: as per customer request (private label or white label)

100g | 200g | 250g | 375g | 400g | 500g | 1kg |

Grade and Sizes
You can count almonds in per 100gr. The number of almonds per 100 grams indicates its
degree or size,so Grade 5 is bigger than other sizes.



Properties and Benefits of Mamra almonds
● Diabetes Control
Eating Iranian Mamra Badam daily helps control diabetes, so you do not need insulin.
● Strengthen your mind
Eating almonds daily in the morning will strengthen your mind and memory. Those who
feel they have lost focus should eat almonds daily. This is very important for special
● Blood Pressure Control: Magnesium in almonds is helpful in lowering blood pressure.
If you have blood pressure problems, you should start eating almonds today.
● Increase immunity: You should start eating almonds to prevent minor illnesses like
colds, coughs, viral fever. Eating almonds increases the immunity of the body, so these
small diseases will not be able to affect your body. If you have sputum, add a few drops
of almond oil to the hot milk and drink it, the sputum problem disappears.
Keep your digestive system right: If your stomach is always in pain, eat 2-3 almonds a
day, this will improve digestion.
● Useful for pregnant women: Pregnant women should use it daily because it is both
healthy for the mother and the baby.
● Decreased appetite
Almond fiber helps control appetite.
● Useful for the skin
Almonds are also good for our skin, for example to reduce dark circles around the eyes,
apply almond oil every night before bedtime, and they will disappear in the next few
If you want to freshen your face, start eating almonds. Tanning in the sun causes your
hands and feet to be black. Start eating almonds, you will understand the color
In the cold, the skin dries, to remedy this problem If you eat almond oil daily before
bedtime, your skin will be shiny, soft and beautiful.
Use almond oil to keep your hair soft and strong. Massage 1 hour before bathing will
strengthen the roots of the hair and relieve headaches. The problem of loss of strength
and physical weakness also disappears.

Suitable for
Vegan / Vegetarian                                                                                                        Yes

Lacto / lacto-ovo                                                                                                                   Yes

Allergen                                                                                                                      Tree Nuts

Free from artificial coloring                                                                                                    Yes

Free from MSG                                                                                                                      Yes

Free from artificial flavoring                                                                                                YesIrradiation                                                                                                                                No

GMO & Ionization                                                                                                                   No